Frequently Asked Questions

What is UNLcms?
UNLcms is a web host Content Management System (CMS) service for the UNL community utilizing Drupal. A brief overview and information about this service is available on the "welcome" page.
What does UNLcms help me do better?
UNLcms gives you the ability to edit your content without professional web editing tools. You can edit pages in a very similar fashion to utilizing a popular word processing application. Other features include:
  • Built-in UNLedu Web Framework support and compliance.
  • Multiple content owners or editors.
  • Securely edit anywhere that you have Internet capabilities.
  • Mobile content support - UNLcms leverages the UNLedu Web Framework, which includes responsive design.
  • Smart image resizing without image editing knowledge or software.
Is there documentation on how to create and/or maintain content on my web site?
Yes, there is a series of "How-to" videos and other helpful information.
How do I request a web site on the UNLcms host service?
Proceed to site request form to initiate your request.
I already have a site, can I move it to UNLcms?
Yes. If you want to move or copy (migrate) an existing web site to UNLcms, there is a "migration tool" that works with "Current UNL Template" web sites. However, please consider reviewing your web site's organization and content as you migrate it. In migrating your web site it will be a copy of the existing site in a development phase on the new server, so this is an excellent opportunity to revise without impacting your in production public web site. You will decide when you want the new site to go public as the real site. Genereally at the time you go public, the current server name is transfered to the new site, so the users do NOT need to learn a new server address for your site.

If your web site is not using current UNL Web Templates, the migration tool is not likely to be of much assistance, however there is no harm in trying it. Even if it helps to move some of the content, it might not be so useful of a significantly revised web site. To work on migrating a web site you first need to request a web site on UNLcms, see question above.

We will work with you to assist in migrating your web site, priority will be given to the web sites hosted on the Frontier Server.
If I get stuck, where can I get help?
Please check the support options page.
I edited a page, but nothing's happening.
Pages served from UNLcms are run through a sophisticated caching program called Varnish that helps the system serve a lot of pages quickly. Sometimes, though, sophisticated can mean complex, which can mean that we get hiccups sometimes -- the cache doesn't always refresh like it's supposed to. If you've made a change but it isn't 'taking,' make sure you're logged in and go to 'Configuration > Performance> and hit the 'Purge Varnish Caches' button. That should do it. If you're still seeing the same page, clear your browser cache or try a different browser.
I am to log in with My.UNL account, how do I find or reset my password?
Go to My.UNL Identification Mgt information and contacts.
What is the file size limitation of files I can place on my site?
UNLcms is has the file size limitation set at 20 GB/file, with no quota for a site. When migrating or importing files from another site, the file size limitation is set at 10 MB per file.
What CMS is UNLcms using?
UNLcms is using Drupal version 7, information is available at