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The Nebraska Transportation Center (NTC) integrates transportation research, education, and technology transfer programs across the four NU campuses, making it one of the largest university transportation centers in the region. The Mid-America Transportation Center and Midwest Roadside Safety Facility operate under NTC.

Transportation Seminar: Dr. Wei Qiao

December 1, 2023

Real-Time Energy Management for Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles generally include battery electric vehicles, plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, and fuel cell electric vehicles. Compared with battery technology, fuel cell technology is a promising solution to accelerating electrification and achieving zero-emission in medium-duty vehicles, heavy-duty vehicles, and other segments of vehicles. Each fuel cell electric vehicle relies on an energy management strategy to allocate its demand power within its hybrid energy system efficiently and safely. This seminar will review the existing energy management strategies for fuel cell electric vehicles. Then, this seminar will present a novel adaptive model predictive control-based real-time optimal energy management strategy for fuel cell electric vehicles developed by Dr. Wei Qiao’s group.

Join in person at 11:00 - 11:50 AM Central Time
Nebraska Hall (NH) Room 404 (Lincoln)
Peter Kiewit Institute (PKI) Room 160 (remote viewing, Omaha)

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Job Opportunities


Civil & Environmental Engineering - Lincoln

Assistant Professor - Transportation Engineering

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL) Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering invites applications for a tenure-track Assistant Professor in Transportation Engineering. Candidates applying for this position are expected to have a strong commitment to teaching excellence at the undergraduate and graduate levels, and a demonstrable research capability that will enable them to develop an externally funded, independent research program and publish in leading scholarly journals. The successful candidate should be prepared to collaborate with colleagues, develop new research initiatives, and participate in ongoing research projects.

The UNL College of Engineering is committed to increasing the diversity of its faculty and seeks to attract and retain a high-performing and diverse workforce in which employees’ differences are respected and valued to better meet the varying needs of the diverse populations we serve. The college fosters a diverse and inclusive work environment that promotes collaboration so that all individuals are able to participate and contribute to their full potential.


Congressional Research Service: Resources, Science, and Industry Division (RSI) - Washington D.C.

Analyst in Transportation Policy

The Resources, Science and Industry Division of the Congressional Research Service is seeking an Analyst in Transportation Policy with a focus on surface transportation programs, especially related to highways. The candidate should understand the origins, history and evolution of federal surface transportation programs and be able to evaluate regulatory and legislative policy issues and interrelationships.

The analyst will cover a wide range of surface transportation policy issues, especially related to highway infrastructure, and/or highway funding. An understanding of the origins, history, and evolution of federal surface transportation programs and the associated regulatory and legislative policy issues are key skills for the position. The analyst will collaborate with other CRS staff, as necessary, to consider how a variety of policy initiatives might affect the programs and how interrelationships with technological change, such as the emergence of electric vehicles, and urban and rural development, will affect federal policy. The ideal candidate will demonstrate ability to develop expertise in new areas.



Civil Designer - Omaha, NE

Primary work assignments will consist of design and construction engineering of roadways (urban, rural, and expressway) and related public infrastructure improvements with potential secondary assignments including other engineering services related to design and delivery of roadway, railroad, aviation, bridge, and/or other public infrastructure projects.


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Bicycles & Pedestrians

Safely and comfortably integrating pedestrians and cyclists.


Reliable, efficient transportation ensures the vitality of the economy.


Sustainability and environmental consciousness are overarching concerns.


Safe and efficient movement of freight across the nation.


Addressing modern challenges of today's highways.

Intelligent Transportation Systems

One of the most dynamic and fast-growing areas of research.


Optimizing the flow of goods across the nation.

Multimodal Transportation

Transportation utilizing multiple different modes of transportation.


Best ways to extend the life of existing pavements and optimize the surface.


A key mover of freight across Nebraska, the Midwest, and North America.


Safer for both drivers and pedestrians.


Exploring how to design, build, and maintain integral transportation structures.

Work Zones

Construction and maintenance sites is safer for workers and drivers.

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