Drug and Alcohol Intervention

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Drugs and alcohol affect almost everybody in some way, shape, or form. Lots of people are either directly affected or have friends or family affected by drugs and alcohol. I want to talk a little about a few personal events in my life that were shaped by the use of drugs and alcohol, and the signs that you might need to address somebody in your life who may be impacted by their usage. Drug and alcohol intervention isn’t a phrase that should be looked upon with narcissism or negativity, but it shouldn’t be looked upon lightly. Many people don’t know what to do and may find themselves lost; some people will fight the reality of their dependence. People should not shy away from looking for online resources or treatment programs for drug and alcohol intervention if there are any signs at all of abuse.

Example of How Drugs Affected Me Personally

First, I’ll start off with a little bit about myself and an example of how drugs and alcohol affect almost everybody in my family. My aunt, on my Dad’s side of the family, died when I was young because of a prescription drug overdose. She had a gene that increases the risk of addiction throughout her entire life and it ended up killing her. I’m not sure as to the specific details of her drug addiction, which goes to show how things can end up if you don’t take action. It seems as if my grandparents shoved it under the carpet; because of so, she never got the help she needed. She started on a path of maliciousness - turned to stealing, forging prescriptions, and started to lose connection with her family, which are all huge signs that drug and alcohol treatment and intervention is needed.

There’s no telling how different the results could have been had she been convinced to go to treatment, or had participated in a family intervention. This is just one example, and we can already see how it has affected my life. My dad doesn’t like to talk about it, and it surely took a piece out of my grandparents. I grew up with one less aunt in my life. It is never “not serious.”

Broader Effects of Drugs and Alcohol

Less personally, I have known plenty of students throughout high school and college that could have benefited from drug and alcohol intervention. There’s no telling how many college students actually suffer from alcohol and drug addiction, and how it impacts their studies. Many students choose to binge drink every weekend night, sometimes even the day) which leads to terrible hangovers.  Overall, they drop the willingness to study and put in the hours it takes to do well in school.

Signs You or a Loved One May Need an Intervention

 A lot of times, if someone close to you struggles with drug and/or alcohol addiction, you can feel it in your gut if they need help. If not, there are plenty of great resources online that can let you know - such as the drug and alcohol intervention quiz provided by Family First Intervention. If this person depends on you or anybody in your family for financial support or if you or anyone in your family makes large sacrifices for him or her, there is most likely a problem that needs addressing. If they can’t pay bills or support themselves financially or emotionally because of drugs, an intervention may be needed. You can tell if the person is emotionally unbalanced if they act out a lot or make you feel guilty. These, and many more, signs are all introduced in the drug and alcohol intervention quiz.

Never Allow Drug and Alcohol Addiction to Consume Any Life

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Drug and alcohol addiction is a very serious thing, and should not be ignored or taken lightly. If you fear a loved one is struggling with drugs and alcohol, there’s never a bad time to let them know that you care about them and will be there for them. Take the intervention quiz if you are questioning anything, and don’t hesitate to seek help for the person who is using. Life is too important!