October 2018

5 Tips for Effective Keyword Research in Rehab Marketing

Since Google updated their algorithm, the changes in how medical and rehab websites are seen by Google has changed drastically. In order to navigate the keyword ocean and make internet marketing work right for you, finding the best word or words is very important. As a drug rehab owner, it is almost imperative to lay out a new course for your online marketing and keyword research.


Pay Attention to Language

Use language your clients actually use. Look at comments you receive on your site - pay attention to the language used when clients tell their stories. Sometimes this can be as subtle as a turn of the phrase or new idiom. Never assume you know exactly what your potential clients are looking for. Each of them has different needs and wants when looking for help. Understanding the reasons why a customer-centric marketing strategy is beneficial can make a huge difference between getting more clients or losing them to your competition.

Study Your Niche’s Social Media Activity

Study the websites and articles your prospective clients read. Look at the language they are using.  Find out which social media platforms they use and hang out on them. Watch for discussions where people debate or ask questions. View podcasts and popular videos about rehabs and the medical industry at large. Look at your competition’s website and social media, not to steal, but to learn from what they are doing and do it better. Never miss an opportunity to learn something new.


Research & Target “Long Tail” Keywords

Keyword phrases, made up of two, three or more words can help your potential clients find your rehab through niche marketing. Single word searches only make up about 30% of the web searches. The “Long Tail” searches are the remaining 70% of the searches on the web.

Someone looking for “Rehabs” may or may not find yours, since it will most likely be buried under the tens of thousands of other rehabs. However, if they wrote “Rehab Center on the Coast” or “Addiction Treatment with Acupuncture”, now they would find the exact niche rehab they are looking for. Don’t forget to play with the order the words come in: “Coastal Rehab Center” and “Acupuncture Addiction Treatment” use the same words as above, but in a different order.

Adding a few keyword phrases that uniquely identify your particular treatment center will take advantage of the “Long Tail” and may give you an edge over your competition.


Let Google Help You

Google’s search engine is more than happy to help our search queries. As soon as we have typed in a word, Google fills in possible suggestions, which is incredibly helpful. The reason for this is that the search engine was designed to learn user behavior. This is extremely helpful to you because now you have a picture of the most common searches that people performed before, during, and after their query. And if that’s not enough, Google also has the “People Also Ask” feature which can help you with your long tail keywords. And at the bottom of the page is a “Searches Related To…” feature. These are all useful and up-to-date tools to help you get the right keywords for your rehab or addiction treatment website, because Google updates their search query logs every two to three weeks.


You can also use your own on-site search function to find out what prospective clients are looking for. 30% of visitors use this function and are five times more likely to use your addiction treatment center.


Go to Google Analytics. Just click on the ADMIN link on your left sidebar, then look for View Settings and enable Site Search Settings. To view the data your search function has collected, click on Behavior, then Site Search and then Search Terms. You should be able to see what people have been searching for. These search ideas will give you new leads on keywords, as well as ideas for new content for your website.


Perform Audits and Revise Your Data

As language changes and evolves, so do keywords. How your potential clients speak about rehab or addiction treatment websites will also change over time. It’s smart to stay current on the language people use and repeat keyword research regularly. Set reminders in your calendar to stimulate the research on a quarterly, biannual or annual basis. You can also try new methods, such as using a new keyword research tool, monitoring social media, conducting interviews or administering surveys.


Let’s Get Started!

By studying and using the language your clients use, you market to them, specifically. Get on the same social media platforms to find out what’s popular and what’s trending. This will help you, not only with keyword research, but also with your other inbound marketing. Don’t be afraid of “Long Tail” keywords - use them to your advantage! Remember, niche marketing!  Use the tools that are available to you: Google search engine and your own on-site search engine to find out what prospective clients are looking for. Make keyword research a regular habit in order to stay on top of rehab and addiction treatment marketing. Use keyword research to continually refocus on how your potential clients are searching for you. And then figure out how to do a better job bringing them in.