June 2017

Meditation and Mindfulness Practices

Meditation and mindfulness practices are commonly thought of as Middle Eastern rituals that Buddhists practice, involving long orange robes and sitting on rocks for long hours of the day. While this is true, this is definitely the most aggressive form of mindfulness: meditation and relaxation techniques can be practiced by anybody.

Meditation is an excellent habit to get into, especially if you are a student. Students, whether in high school or college, experience stress and anxiety from school work, relationships, family, etc. Even just ten minutes a day can change your life for the better and for the calmer. 

Mindfulness Can Be Practiced in Any Number of Ways 

There are many kinds of meditation practices. Let’s start with the basics. You’ll want to find a nice quiet area.  I usually use my room when I meditate. Sit on a chair, on the floor, or on a nice comfy pillow. You can either choose to sit criss cross, one leg on top of the other (half lotus), or both legs crossing each other (full lotus). It takes some flexibility to reach full lotus, but this is the ideal position. Once in a comfortable position, there are many ways to practice.

One way is a kind of awareness meditation called body scan meditation. To do this, start scanning from either the top or bottom of your body, by cross sections, and become aware of bodily sensations. They can be good or bad but just recognize them. You’ll also notice how easily your attention wanders off. Once you realize your thoughts drift, bring your attention back to the body. Meditation is a kind of holistic therapy, holistic meaning dealing with the whole body at once. Body scan meditation can be great as a holistic therapy.


Another great kind of meditation is breath meditation. This is a kind of meditation called “expanding awareness meditation,” and is a bit simpler; you just have to focus on your breath. This is my favorite kind of meditation because it’s easier and brings extremely beneficial results. Focus on your breath, feel the air as you breathe in and breathe out. Listen and pay attention to what it does to your body. Which muscles move when you breathe in? Which muscles contract as you breathe out? You can do this kind of meditation focusing on other things, such as your body, thoughts, sounds around you, and feelings. As always, if you find your thoughts drifting, gently push them away and regain focus on the task at hand.

How Can I Practice Meditation, as a Busy College Student?  

Of course, being a student is hard and everyone is always busy. BUT if you want to make a very positive change in your life, it doesn’t take that much time. Think of all the time spent wasted, laying in bed, taking a long shower, watching TV, the list goes on. All it takes is five to ten minutes each day. I like to wake up, shower, eat and then spend some time in meditation. It drastically improves your life and day if you decide to stick with it. Another great way to practice this is just in short, couple minute sessions when you experience an overwhelming emotion or feel stressed out. It’s also beneficial to just practice slowing and controlling your breathing during regular activities during the day.

The Importance of Gun Safes and a Good Locksmith

Gun ownership has been on the rise for decades. With an increase in terroristic activity across international borders, an increase in crime by a factor of four since the 1960’s, and an overall increase in paranoia, it’s no wonder people are buying more guns. Gun safety is the first and most important step when choosing to become a gun owner, and buying a gun case should be done. Whether you live by yourself, and especially if you live with a family, you should buy a gun safe to protect your guns, yourself, and your family.




Why Buy Gun Safes?

There are multiple reasons a gun owner should purchase a gun safe. The biggest one is for safety. People never think it will happen to them but gun accidents happen all the time. Keeping your gun in a safe will prevent you from using it unless you must. If you have children, a gun safe is a must buy. Gun accidents kill at least one child every day. Kids don’t know what a gun is; if you have it laying out, even in a dresser drawer, your child may find it and click something you don’t want them to. If you have a good gun safe, the chances of this happening are zero. One example, back in October of 2016, occurred when Bryson Mees-Hernandez - a four year old boy - found his mother’s .22 caliber Deringer. She hid it under her bed and Bryson accidentally shot himself in the face. She would still have a kid if she had purchased a gun safe.

There are lots of other reasons to purchase a gun safe. Most arguments against guns are that they’re unsafe and people use them irresponsibly. Prove them wrong and buy a gun safe! Another reason is quick access, and they also look really good! Guests will be impressed. One last reason, if your guns are valuable to you, a gun safe will protect them from the event that your house gets robbed.

gun safe.jpg


Types Of Gun Safes

There are basically two types of gun safes: small and large ones. What you may be in the market for depends entirely on what kinds of guns you own. If you hunt regularly and own large shotguns and rifles obviously a large gun safe will suit you better, preferably stored in your basement or a hidden storage area. If you own small handguns, a small gun safe is the one for you. These can easily be kept somewhere close to your bed or bedroom, as these are more likely to be used for protection and in instances where you would need quick retrieval.


A Trusted Local Locksmith Is Great to Have on Hand

In case you forget your lock combination or anything happens to the gun safe, a locksmith such as Locksmith Sarasota is a great resource and tool to have on hand. Locksmiths can take care of lots of problems and a trusted one such as Sarasota can take a lot of weight off of your shoulders.

Bottom line is if you are going to be a gun owner, be safe about it. Buy the necessary protection, buy a gun safe, store it in a place away from your children, and have a good locksmith on hand in case of emergencies!


Alcohol Assessment

Graduating college is a very exciting time for new graduates. Students have just lived an amazing four years, filled with good times, hard work, finding out who they are and where their passions lie. Most students are excited to leave it behind and start entering the “real world.” Every college student experiences stressful times during their academic years. College is filled with tough classes, rigorous course loads, and the troublesome task of trying to strike the right balance between academia, social health, and personal health. Alcohol comes into play for almost all undergraduate students, as research shows 80% of college students drink and 40% report binge drinking more than once. Certain students-turned-graduates are at a higher risk for alcohol abuse, and if they can’t find healthier ways to cope with the inevitable stresses of their jobs and adult life, alcohol and the cycle of addiction can end up ruining their life. For example, a DUI charge can put an individual deep into financial debt and cause serious repercussions for potential future employment -- all from a single mistale.

I’d like to discuss certain groups of graduates who are more likely to abuse, statistics and risk factors associated with alcoholism in graduates, and why taking a drug and alcohol assessment and researching about luxury alcohol rehab center might be an incredibly beneficial route to get better.



Certain graduates are at a high risk for alcohol abuse

Studies indicate that men misuse drugs more often than women, and young adults abuse drugs more often than older adults. Thus, industries with more males or younger adults tend to have higher rates of drug abuse. Another very important factor is wage and demand of job. High paying, high-stress jobs are more likely to contain employees who abuse alcohol. It’s a fairly simple correlation, the higher the degree of importance that is weighted on your job, the higher the chances of someone in the profession to start abusing alcohol to cope with stress and high-pressure demands.



Certain professions contain employees at a higher risk for drug and alcohol abuse

Young lawyers face an enormous amount of stress from their job, large debt payments, etc., which play a large role in the fact that about 29% of lawyers in their first decade report problematic drinking behavior, compared to 21% in their second decade. It’s not always alcohol, though. Studies show that only about 10% of healthcare professionals abuse alcohol (the same rate as the general public), but they are more likely to abuse prescription drugs than their patients. 11.5% of those in the Arts, Entertainment, and Recreation sector abuse alcohol and 13.7% abuse illicit drugs. A lot of CEO’s of companies also have trouble abusing alcohol. They are the least likely to seek help because of their fear of damaging their reputation or finances, but they are arguably the most affected. For all of these high salary positions, a luxury recovery rehab center is an amazing option.


Risk factors and things to watch for

Along with the factors I mentioned before, you can easily gauge whether you need help from the alcohol assessment from The Dunes at East Hampton. If you find yourself drinking before and after working or have been reprimanded for alcohol-related problems at work, it might be a good idea to seek help. It can be tough to admit that your problems have spun out of control, and developing healthy habits can help steer you in the right direction.

A few ways you can begin to take your life back is by practicing yoga or using mindful meditation to help abate your stress. Listening to inspiring music is another powerful holistic method that can help uplift us from our dark thoughts.  Faith-based individuals oftentimes worship through music and find comfort through the melodies. Even if you are not practicing a religion, music can still be a great method for healing. In a similar fashion, prioritizing one's heatlh and natural fitness through exercise and diet have been shown to help with stress tremendously.

If you crave alcohol often, if it affects your relationships with family and friends, or drink on multiple occasions that aren’t social gatherings, it’s time to try and seek help. Luxury rehab centers are great opportunities to unwind, deal with your problems, and get help all in a beautiful, serene, location. If any of this text applies to you, please don’t stray from the road to sobriety. Even if you don’t think you have a problem, you might. Take the alcohol assessment, and think about your choices. There can be a brighter, healthier future ahead of you!

Drug and Alcohol Intervention

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Drugs and alcohol affect almost everybody in some way, shape, or form. Lots of people are either directly affected or have friends or family affected by drugs and alcohol. I want to talk a little about a few personal events in my life that were shaped by the use of drugs and alcohol, and the signs that you might need to address somebody in your life who may be impacted by their usage. Drug and alcohol intervention isn’t a phrase that should be looked upon with narcissism or negativity, but it shouldn’t be looked upon lightly. Many people don’t know what to do and may find themselves lost; some people will fight the reality of their dependence. People should not shy away from looking for online resources or treatment programs for drug and alcohol intervention if there are any signs at all of abuse.

Example of How Drugs Affected Me Personally

First, I’ll start off with a little bit about myself and an example of how drugs and alcohol affect almost everybody in my family. My aunt, on my Dad’s side of the family, died when I was young because of a prescription drug overdose. She had a gene that increases the risk of addiction throughout her entire life and it ended up killing her. I’m not sure as to the specific details of her drug addiction, which goes to show how things can end up if you don’t take action. It seems as if my grandparents shoved it under the carpet; because of so, she never got the help she needed. She started on a path of maliciousness - turned to stealing, forging prescriptions, and started to lose connection with her family, which are all huge signs that drug and alcohol treatment and intervention is needed.

There’s no telling how different the results could have been had she been convinced to go to treatment, or had participated in a family intervention. This is just one example, and we can already see how it has affected my life. My dad doesn’t like to talk about it, and it surely took a piece out of my grandparents. I grew up with one less aunt in my life. It is never “not serious.”

Broader Effects of Drugs and Alcohol

Less personally, I have known plenty of students throughout high school and college that could have benefited from drug and alcohol intervention. There’s no telling how many college students actually suffer from alcohol and drug addiction, and how it impacts their studies. Many students choose to binge drink every weekend night, sometimes even the day) which leads to terrible hangovers.  Overall, they drop the willingness to study and put in the hours it takes to do well in school.

Signs You or a Loved One May Need an Intervention

 A lot of times, if someone close to you struggles with drug and/or alcohol addiction, you can feel it in your gut if they need help. If not, there are plenty of great resources online that can let you know - such as the drug and alcohol intervention quiz provided by Family First Intervention. If this person depends on you or anybody in your family for financial support or if you or anyone in your family makes large sacrifices for him or her, there is most likely a problem that needs addressing. If they can’t pay bills or support themselves financially or emotionally because of drugs, an intervention may be needed. You can tell if the person is emotionally unbalanced if they act out a lot or make you feel guilty. These, and many more, signs are all introduced in the drug and alcohol intervention quiz.

Never Allow Drug and Alcohol Addiction to Consume Any Life

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Drug and alcohol addiction is a very serious thing, and should not be ignored or taken lightly. If you fear a loved one is struggling with drugs and alcohol, there’s never a bad time to let them know that you care about them and will be there for them. Take the intervention quiz if you are questioning anything, and don’t hesitate to seek help for the person who is using. Life is too important!


Thinking of Buying a Home After College Tips: Credit, Foundation Damages, and What to Avoid!

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There are a lot of things both frightening and liberating about graduating college and stepping out into the real world. Buying a home or apartment as a millennial in a college town like Lincoln or a more affordable place like Columbus is most definitely one of them. Some graduates may already have experience buying or renting homes in their 4 years as undergrads, but some definitely don’t. A lot of students live in dormitories or have housing scholarships, or are simply helped out by their parents. This doesn’t help when it comes to stepping out and finding a home that is affordable, well built, and in a good area. This article is meant to help new graduates with the tough process of buying their first home, and to also provide information about home foundation problems.

Check For Foundation Damages If You’re Buying

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I’d like to discuss a huge topic that often goes unnoticed within the context of buying homes - home foundation problems. Sellers usually have to abide by laws to inform a potential buyer knows of any problems in the structural integrity of the house, but that doesn’t always happen. Here is a list of things to get a grip on everything. Check for cracks inside and outside the home in the walls and foundation. Write down the location, shape, and severity of the cracks, even if only cosmetic. Make a note of doors and windows that stick or don’t open properly. Be aware of water damage or moisture that has collected around foundational elements. The last few things to do are to talk with a realtor and qualified home inspector about these signs, and get a free reparation estimate from a home foundation repair company. Home foundation repairs can be cheap or a bit costly, but they will also up the resale value of the home. These are also very much applicable to all recent graduates, or anybody looking to buy a home. Check for all of these things when buying a home. For more information about foundation solutions and repairs, check out Olshan Foundation Solutions.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Home

One very important thing for those looking for a place to live is your credit score. More important than checking for foundation problems, a good credit score is one of the most important things to have under your belt. Assuming you will be trying to qualify for a loan, this is one of the main things banks check for these days. Credit scores can drop very easily, due to circumstances besides just paying loans back on time. The best way to check your credit score is to use a free report site such as myBankrate, and the best way to avoid a bad credit score is to do a little research into what makes a good one, and make all your payments on time!

Organization of Documents and Down Payment of the Home

The last essential action is to organize all of your documents. You must document income and taxes, and have these papers ready for mortgage lenders. Probably at least two pay stubs, W-2’s, tax returns, and two months of bank statements. You must also figure out your down payment. This can be stressful sometimes, but good ways are to just to save up for it, or you can also apply for interest-free loans and grants.