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An interdisciplinary undergraduate team composed of Biological Systems Engineering,
computer engineering, chemical engineering, and Biochemistry majors

International Genetically Engineered Machine Team <br>An interdisciplinary undergraduate team composed of chemistry, computer science and chemical engineering majors| University of Nebraska–Lincoln

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University of Nebraska-Lincoln iGEM
International Genetically Engineered Machine

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Our 2017 Team

Our research team is an interdisciplinary team of 7 students: 1 Biomedical Engineering major, 1 Biochemistry major, 2 Chemical Engineering majors, 2 Computer Science/Engineering majors, and 1 high school student. We are the only iGEM team in the state of Nebraska and we are excited about our summer research experience.

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iGEM (international Genetically Engineered Machines) is an international academic competition where student research teams carry out a summer research project in the field of synthetic biology and compete in the world conference at MIT in Boston, MA.

Synthetic Biology Theme

Our Project

Methane is a greenhouse gas which is 25 times more potent than carbon dioxide and likewise contributes to climate change. in Nebraska there are 6 million cows which each release over 70 kg of methane annually. Our 2017 project aims to genetically engineer a strain of E.coli that can reduce methane emissions and creates more energy for the cattle.

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Our sponsors help to make all of our lab research possible. All donations/ contributions help to fund our lab research and help to fund our team's international conference expenses. If you would like to donate/sponsor our team, click here.

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