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About Student Fellows

The Student Fellows at the Nebraska Governance and Technology Center (NGTC) are a diverse and interdisciplinary group, representing colleges and specializations across the University of Nebraska. The goal of the Student Fellows initiative is to familiarize students with the nuances of working with professionals from other academic backgrounds, incorporating their diverse perspectives and vocabularies in order to better inform their own work. Student Fellows also attend events with our Faculty Fellows, and gain a better sense of the academic research process and what makes for a successful academic research initiative.

Members of the class come from a diverse range of programs — from Integrated Media Communications, to Computer Engineering, to Law — but share a common interest in exploring the pressing issues technology fosters within society from an interdisciplinary perspective.

“The NGTC Student Fellowship is a valuable opportunity that provides graduate students from across the University the chance to connect with others interested in learning about the intersection of science, technology, and policy. Fellows come together to make connections, learn about substantive and pertinent issues in technology, and work together to choose topics for innovative research projects that connect with the community. Through the program, fellows hone skill sets and experiences from their backgrounds and disciplines, to learn from each other to create technologically and policy-driven projects aimed to spark conversation and change.”

Morgan Armstrong, 21-22 Student Fellow
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2022-2023 Program Details

During the 2022-2023 academic year we will host biweekly in-person workshops. These workshops align with the capstone Technology Governance course* taught by center faculty. Workshops will feature guest scholars presenting on their current work and discussion. 

Workshops are tentatively scheduled to be every other Tuesday and will fall between the hours of 3-5pm during the regular academic semester.

*Student enrolled in this full course (which meets weekly, with these biweekly workshops being a core part of the class) are still eligible for the fellows’ program and may do both simultaneously.

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Fellows are asked to participate in these sessions as their schedules allow, with the hope that most fellows will attend at least half. Other sessions around campus will be planned to facilitate collaboration and showcase programs around campus.

In the fall, students will have an opening retreat. This is scheduled for August 26-28 (spending Friday and Saturday nights) at Carol Joy Hollings camp located between Lincoln and Omaha. This event will center on the basic concepts surrounding technology governance, technology policy, and other leadership and networking activities.

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In the spring, students will turn their attention to developing and producing an episode of the Center's popular podcast, Tech Refactored. The expectation being that students will deliver insights into the topic they’ve been researching this academic year.

In addition to their research and project development, student fellows will participate in select events with faculty fellows and will have the opportunity to attend lectures from leading experts in their fields. A further goal of the student fellows program is to create a community of scholars that can provide opportunities for future collaboration; to that end the student fellows program also includes various social events throughout the year. 

Fellows receive a scholarship award of $1,500 for the academic year.

Undergraduate college seniors are encouraged to apply, so long as they include a recommendation from a professor.

Applications for 22-23 have closed.

Fall 2022 Sessions:

  • Tuesday August 30, Charlotte Tschider, 3-5pm (at the law college)
  • Thursday September 8 at 6:30pm (off campus mixer/meal)
  • Tuesday Sept 13, Lisa Benjamin, 3-5pm (law college)
  • Tuesday Sept 27, James Coleman, 3-5pm (law college)
  • Tuesday Oct 11, Peter Swire, 3-5pm (law college)
  • Thursday Oct 20 at 6:30pm (off campus mixer/meal)
  • Tuesday Oct 25, Mark Koyama, 3-5pm (law college)
  • Tuesday Nov 8, Jeff Prince, 3-5pm (law college)
  • Thursday Nov 17 at 6:30pm (law college)
  • Tuesday Nov 22, Chinmayi Sharma, 3-5pm (law college)

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Meet the 2022-2023 Fellows