Langvardt Speaks at Stanford's Digital Platform Governance Symposium

Mon, 04/26/2021

NGTC faculty member Kyle Langvardt joined a panel of expert's at Stanford Law School's Digital Platform Governance Symposium to discuss "Content Moderation, Free Speech and Misinformation." The symposium covered two evolving areas of platform regulation. First, it considered ways to manage content moderation on platforms, with a focus on striking a balance between freedom of speech and the risk of misinformation. Second, the symposium examined how platform governance intersects with privacy and surveillance.

Langvardt is a First Amendment scholar who focuses on the internet’s implications for free expression both as a matter of constitutional doctrine and as a practical reality. His written work addresses new and confounding policy issues including tech addiction, the collapse of traditional gatekeepers in online media and 3D-printable weapons.

Photo of Kyle Langvardt