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About the Faculty Fellows Program

The goal of the annual fellows program is to develop a cohort of academics who are able to understand technology challenges in interdisciplinary terms: engineers who can talk supply chain management and the role of public engagement in federal regulation; journalists who can speak fluently with entrepreneurs and critically interrogate lawyers advocating for preferred policies; entrepreneurs who can ground technologists in the reality of what can be and push lawyers past their focus on what can’t be; and other permutations involving the law, humanities, sciences, and other fields.

The fellows are academics with an interdisciplinary inclination who are interested in the challenges of changing technology and are drawn from across the university. The program also includes a smaller number of visiting fellows from other institutions across the country.

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2022-2023 Program

During the 2022-2023 academic year we will host biweekly in-person workshops for resident fellows with hybrid online access for visiting faculty fellows. These workshops align with the capstone Technology Governance course taught by Center faculty. Workshops will feature guest scholars presenting on their current work and discussion.

Workshops are tentatively scheduled to be every other Tuesday and will fall between the hours of 3-5pm during the regular academic semester.

Fellows are asked to participate in these sessions as their schedules allow, with the hope that most fellows will attend at least half of the sessions.

Additional Programming (2022-2023)

Fellows should try to participate in an episode of our weekly podcast, Tech Refactored. If you're interested in developing an idea for a podcast or another form of media, please contact our team!

We anticipate hosting six receptions and dinners for networking and community building next year (three each semester, roughly monthly), to which faculty fellows are invited.

Fellows are encouraged to attend our Tech Governance Workshops during the spring and fall semesters. Information on the workshops can be found here.

Additionally, the student fellows’ program (a parallel program for graduate students across the university) will have an opening retreat. Faculty Fellows are invited and encouraged to join them, should they wish to participate. This is scheduled for August 26-28 (spending Friday and Saturday nights) at a camp near Lincoln and Omaha. 


Fellows will receive an honorarium of $2,500, paid in full by check midyear (after the fall semester).

2022-2023 NGTC Faculty Fellows

22-23 NGTC Faculty Fellows