About Tech Refactored

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Nice to Meet You

The Nebraska Governance and Technology Center studies the ever-changing relationship between law and technology. Our mission is an inherently interdisciplinary endeavor, engaging in active governance related research with researchers representing a spectrum of disciplines. One key endeavor of the center is called Tech Refactored, a podcast series focused on the center’s work and the research it facilitates, hosted by the center director Professor Gus Hurwitz. Solidifying a weekly production schedule within several months of launch, the podcast is establishing itself as a critical resource for tech policy education.

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Why We Do It

The center was created with a simple goal: providing neutral and interdisciplinary expertise in wide variety of innovative technologies. Tech Refactored does not promote a specific policy agenda, but rather is focused on providing a clear interpretation of society’s tech issues. The show, and the center generally, aims to be a resource to our local and state communities, from providing legal expertise and policy research on issues from precision agriculture to broadband access to genetic engineering and beyond.

The podcast is an excellent opportunity to share “inside baseball” tech industry issues with our community and the world at large.

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What We're About

Previous episodes include discussion of student privacy online, the rural digital divide, what we mean when we say, ‘law and technology,’ and more. One of our early episodes, ‘Getting Cultured on Laboratory Grown Meat’ features a discussion of lab-grown meat from four different perspectives: legal, engineering, social, and marketing. Can a steak be grown in a lab? What about a filet mignon? Listeners can tune in and find out!

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Listen to Tech Refactored

Tech Refactored is available wherever you listen to podcasts. The show is syndicated locally on KRNU, 90.3, in Lincoln every Sunday morning.

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Our Team

The Tech Refactored podcast is part of the Menard Governance and Technology Programming Series hosted by the Nebraska Governance and Technology Center.

Host | Executive Producer - Gus Hurwitz
Producer - James Fleege

Seasons 1 & 2 were executive produced by Elsbeth Magilton and co-produced by Lysandra Marquez.