Consortium Activities

Skills Building Workshops

8/10/18 Discussing Substance Use with College Students:
Incorporating Brief Intervention Approaches into Conversations on Campus and Addressing Marijuana in a Changing Legal Climate Presented by Jason R. Kilmer, Ph.D




7/10/18 Experiences in Effective Prevention: Past, Present and Future by Richard Lucey, Jr.


Experiences in Effective Prevention, the U.S. Department of Education's Alcohol and Other Drug Prevention Models on College Campuses Grants
Campus Drug Prevention

2/16/18 Utilizing Personal Feedback Programs to Bolster Retention & Expand Prevention Programming by Linda Major & Lesley Esters
Residence Hall Profile

5/10/17 Utilizing Web-based Programs to Combat High-Risk Drinking on College Campuses: A Review of Fail Safe and the Year One College Alcohol Profile by Tom Workman and Linda Major
Workman PowerPoint: Fail Safe
Failsafe Brochure

3/4/16 National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism's College Alcohol Intervention Matrix by Jason Kilmer, Ph.D. and Toben Nelson Sc.D.
Kilmer PowerPoint: College AIM Overview
Nelson PowerPoint: College AIM Environmental Strategies
Kilmer PowerPoint: College AIM Individual Strategies

2/20/15 Getting Wasted: Risky Drinking, Social Support and Harm Reduction. Informal Support in the World of College Drinking by Thomas Vander Ven.
Vander Ven PowerPoint

6/19/15 Recovery as an Essential Component of an Alcohol & Other Drug Program on Campus: The WHAT, WHY and HOW of Collegiate Recovery by Breanna Cook.
Cook PowerPoint

7/30/15 Prevention of College Student Drinking Problems: An update on research since the NIAAA Task Force Report by Bob Saltz.
Saltz PowerPoint
Webinar Recording

7/14/15 The Intersections Between Sexual Violence and Alcohol on Campuses: Using Research to Guide Effective Prevention Planning and Collaboration by Linda Langford, Sc.D.
Case Study (PDF file, 2 pages)
Worksheet (PDF file, 12 pages)
Reference List (PDF file, 3 pages)

8/15-16/13 Promoting Active Bystander Intervention to Foster Health and Social Justiceon Campus: Theory, Research and Skills by Alan Berkowitz, Ph.D.

PowerPoint Handouts (PDF file, 19 pages)

7/30/13 Brief Motivational Interventions to Reduce Substance Abuse and Other Risky Behaviors in College Students by Paul Grossberg, MD
PowerPoint Graphics (PDF file, 117 pages)

4/16/13 Bystander Intervention Theory: Research and Skills by Alan Berkowitz, Ph.D.
Outline (PDF file, 2 pages)
PowerPoint Handouts (PDF file, 28 pages)

9/4/12 Applying Media Advocacy to the Reduction of College Alcohol Problems by David H. Jernigan, Ph.D., Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
Workshop Video: Morning Session, Afternoon Session.
PowerPoint (67 slides)
Media Bite Exercises (PDF file, 7 pages)

6/22/12 Generating Positive Media Coverage of College Alcohol Prevention:Strategies and Steps by Thomas Workman, Ph.D.
PowerPoint (16 slides)
Handouts (PDF file, 11 pages)

10/27/10 Social Norms: Skill-Building Workshop by Adrienne Keller, Ph.D.
Workshop Video: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5,
Keller Presentation (PowerPoint - 133 slides)
Logic Model Handout (PowerPoint (3 slides) and Handout (PDF File)
Understand Your Intended Audience Handout (PDF file - 2 pages)
Berkowitz, 2005. An Overview of the Social Norms Approach (PDF file - 17 pages)
Perkins, Haines, Rice, 2005. Misperceiving the College Drinking Norm and Related Problems (PDF file - 9 pages)
Social Norms Resources(PDF file, 1 page)

05/18/10 Bridging the Gap: Parents and Prevention, a Skill-building Workshop by Rob Turrisi
Handbook Cuing Letter, Handbook Cover Letter, Article Summaries (PDF files)

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Power of Parenting Postcard (postcard template)
This postcard template allows member institutions to encourage the parents of their incoming students to visit the NCC's Power of Parenting website to learn more about the drinking culture in college and suggestions for successful communication with their young adult about alcohol use. Schools may alter portions of the template to best meet their needs.


Power of Parenting: Nebraska Colleges


The "We Agree" Campaign Poster Door Tags Table Tent (PDF files)
The "We Agree" Campaign has been implemented by schools in Lincoln, Norfolk, and Wayne in an effort to address the problem of house parties. Students agree with city officials and residents that wild parties hurt neighborhoods; and even though college students are not responsible for a ll of these parties, they want to assist in making things better for the community as a whole. The campaign is also an opportunity to share information about law enforcement citations and how to keep student parties from getting out of control.

Create your own custom-made resources!
Click on these zip files, extract them, and follow the instructions to add your institution's logo and campus-specific information.
Door Hanger (zip file), Flyer (zip file), Poster (zip file), Table Tent (zip file)

Alcohol Prevention Best Strategies (PDF file - 2 pages)
Effective alcohol prevention efforts are comprehensive and address both individual and environmental variables that contribute to the problem. The NIAAAs Task Force on College Drinking has developed recommendations about how to reduce high-risk drinking on college campuses which can be found in the 3-in-1 Framework and Tiers of Effectiveness.

Campus-Community Coalitions: The Lincoln/UNL Experience (PowerPoint presentation - 15 slides)
A brief summary of the history, structure, activities, and lessons learned by a campus-community coalition in Lincoln, Nebraska, to reduce high-risk drinking by university students

College Alcohol Profile (CAP)(University of Nebraska-Lincoln website)
The CAP is a quick and confidential online survey to get personalized feedback on your alcohol use. It was created with input from students and originally designed for UNL, but has since been customized for each NCC institute. NCC can customize this site for your institute as well.

CAP Handout(PDF file)
A 2-page handout describing CAP.

Year One CAP (PDF File)
A 2-page flyer describing the CAP program for incoming, first year students at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. First year students typically have the greatest misperceptions about the amount of drinking that takes place on campus.

Environmental Management (PowerPoint presentation - 21 slides)
Examples of individual strategies that make up a comprehensive environmental strategy to reduce binge drinking by university students in Lincoln, Nebraska. Emphasizes establishing community standards, educating community members, and enforcing existing regulations.

INFORMATION BRIEFING: Responsible Beverage Service (PDF file)
What managers/owners of hospitality and entertainment businesses can do to help prevent high-risk drinking and be effective partners in campus-community coalitions.

NU Directions (website)
Website of the campus-community coalition to reduce high-risk drinking at the University of NebraskaLincoln and in the City of Lincoln that reduced binge drinking from 62% in 1997 to 47% in 2003. Some of the things that worked there may work for your campus-community, other things may not work for you. A good place to spark ideas and get your campus-community coalition thinking.

NU Directions Environmental Influence and Interventions (PowerPoint presentation - 2 slides)
An example of how one campus-community coalition saw the factors that influenced high-risk drinking, and some interventions to make the environment less friendly to high-risk drinking.

NU Directions Environmental Model (PDF file 1 page)
Using the Environmental Strategy Model as an Assessment Tool.

NU Directions 5 year report (PDF file - 32 pages)
Even more details of this University of Nebraska and City of Lincoln coalition, including results and lessons learned. A good source of ideas and caveats for other campus-community coalitions.

Reducing Alcohol Related Harms Among Nebraska College Students Through Comprehensive Environmental Strategies: Replicating the NU Directions Model (PDF file - 1 page)
Color flyer for Nebraskas consortium of colleges dedicated to reducing high-risk drinking among college students.

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Doane University 2016 - 2017 Mini-Grant:
Doane University implemented the Back to School Bash during the first weekend of the spring semester to encourage a healthy campus culture and promote appropriate perspectives on alcohol. This educational event included student oriented activities, crafts and trivia featuring stats about risky behaviors. You Make the Call posters were displayed throughout the event space, reminding students of their role in identifying acute alcohol intoxication and how to get help for an intoxicated individual. The event was a huge success, with 35.2% of our residential population in attendance and eleven campus organizations and teams volunteering at the event. There were ZERO alcohol-related incidents reported on campus the evening/early morning of the event.


Nebraska Methodist College 2016 - 2017 Mini-Grant:
A speaker was invited to campus from the Women's Center for Advancement as well as a Forensic Nurse to educate students about potential harms related to high-risk drinking during Alcohol Awareness Month.

University of Nebraska - Lincoln 2015 - 2016 Mini-Grant Report (PDF)
Deal With It Playing Cards.

Omaha Collegiate Consortium 2015 - 2016 Mini-Grant Report (PDF)
"What's Your Degree Worth?" Brochure

Mid-Plains Community College 2015 - 2016 Mini-Grant Report (PDF)
Ethan Fisher's presentation "Life CONsequence" on February 24 & 25, 2016.

Creighton University 2014 - 2015 Mini-Grant Report (PDF)
Dr. Lori Hart's presentation "A Few Too Many" on February 2, 2015.

University of Nebraska - Kearney 2014 - 2015 Mini-Grant Report (PDF)
UNK developed a media campaign in order to address students’ misperceptions about their peers’ alcohol use, to promote the SAFE Ride Program, and to increase interaction with our social media sites.

Lincoln College Partnership 2012-2013 Mini-Grant Report (PDF)

Nebraska Wesleyan University Bystander Intervention Media Campaign (PDF)

University of Nebraska-Lincoln PREVENT Peer Group Bookmarks (PDF)

University of Nebraska-Kearney 2013-2014 Mini-Grant Report (PDF)
This program included a media campaign to correct the misperceptions that students have regarding alcohol use among their peers and to promote the UNK Safe Ride program.

University of Nebraska-Kearney 2012  2013 Mini-Grant Final Report (PDF file - 5 pages)
This program included a social norms campaign targeted at high-risk drinking, the promotion of alternative activities for UNK students, and a Safe Ride program for students.

Concordia University 2012 - 2013(PDF files: Posters - 4 pages; Report -1 page)
"MyTurn2Drive Designated Driver" project.

Concordia University 2011 - 2012 (PDF file - 16 pages)
Off-Campus Living Guide, A resource for our students.

Lincoln College Partnership 2011 - 2012 (PDF files: Posters - 4 pages; Report- 1 page )
"Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail" Campaign, Nebraska Wesleyan University, Southeast Community College, and University of Nebraska-Lincoln. This campaign's goal was toincrease awareness among 18-20 year olds about the criminal, civil, and professional consequences for violating alcohol-related laws and policies.

Wayne State College 2011 - 2012 (PDF files: Proposal -2 pages; Report - 1 page)
"Red Watch Band Program". This program will help to prevent alcohol poisoning deaths among WSC students by training students to recognize the signs and symptoms of the medical condition.

Nebraska Wesleyan University 2011 - 2012 (PDF file - 2 pages)
One-day workshop to help educate other institutions about the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism's "Tiers of Effectiveness" Final Report.

University of Nebraska-Lincoln 2010 - 2011 (PDF file - 1 page)
"MyTurn2Drive Designated Driver" Program Final Report.

Mid-Plains Community College2010 - 2011 (PDF file - 2 pages)
Social NormsCampaign - 2 posters.

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