Electromechanical Coupling in Biocompatible Materials and Biological Systems

We apply scanning probe microscopy to get new insights into the biomechanical structures and functions of living organisms and understand fundamental relationship between electromechanical properties of biosystems and their functionality. Recently, implementation of novel electromechanical and mechanical modes of SPM allowed us to obtain spectacular results on electromechanica1 and elastic imaging of biological systems on the molecular level. Research is aimed on investigation of nanoscale structure and nanomechanical properties of hard living tissues (bone, teeth) and synthetic biocompatible materials, such as collagen-hydroxyapatite films.


 tooth enamel

AFM topographic image and PFM electromechanical map showing protein fiber inclusion in tooth enamel
(in collaboration with S.V.Kalinin and B.J.Rodriguez, ORNL)