Scholarships partners

Scholarship Partnering Program Report, Fall 2005

September 26, 2005

The Czech Language Foundation (CLF) has partnered in the amount of $100.00 per student with each of the following scholarships. There were a total of 14 students in Czech 101 this semester, 5 students in Czech 201, 4 students in Czech 301 (one of whom is on a full music scholarship and did not receive a CLF scholarship), and 1 student in Czech 398. Each student received a scholarship for Fall 2005 in the amount of $300.00, with the exception of the Advanced Insurance Services Scholarship, which is in the amount of $350.00. Thus the CLF Commitment for Fall 2005 is $2,300.00.

Czech 101 - First Year - Fourteen Scholarships Awarded


Advanced Insurance Services (AIS) President Glen Riensche is partnering a $350.00 scholarship to the same student for fall and spring semesters, as long as the student receives a C+ or better in Czech 101.

Nebraska Czechs of South-Central Scholarship.  Provides priority to graduates of Grand Island/Hastings area and Nebraska High Schools.

Nebraska Czechs of York and surrounding communities is a non-profit organization dedicated to creating an interest in Czech and Slovak culture and heritage. We are interested in encouraging anyone, especially youth, whether they are Czech or Slovak or other nationalities who may have an interest in Czech/Slovak language as a focus of their professional careers, to meet language requirements, or to enhance their educational or employment opportunities here and abroad.

University of Nebraska Foundation, Czech Language Instruction Fund. Two scholarships were partnered from the University of Nebraska Foundation.

Individuals and Memorials

Bessie Cech - Stephen Fiala Memorial Scholarship. The CLF has partnered with John and Lois Fiala’s donation in memory of John’s mother, Bessie Cech, and John and Lois’ son, Stephen Fiala. Bessie graced this world for 97 years with her beautiful life deeply rooted in her Czech heritage and Czech language. Stephen, known for his cheerful words and warm smile, left a significant mark of Czech tradition encouragement to his mother and father. Bessie and Stephen were like tree branches shedding leaves to provide promise of Czech culture to those seeking perpetuation of Czech heritage and continuation of Czech language.

Thomas Yonda (Janda) Memorial Scholarship.  To promote the continuation of the Czech language and honor Thomas Yonda’s (Janda’s) memory. Given by his nephew.

Carpenter-Hromadku Scholarship. We, Dennis Carpenter (0% Czech) and Patricia Hromadka Carpenter (100% Czech) have been blessed by God and want to share these blessings with a UNL student who is learning the Czech language, its history and culture.

Vosoba Scholarship.  For nearly 50 years, Joe T. And Kathy Vosoba have been leaders and supporters in the American re-awakening of interest in all things Czech. They feel that the Czech language is the basic glue that holds together the Czech spirit. Just as the humble peasants kept their native tongue alive for over two centuries of foreign domination, so today we who love it have this opportunity to keep is still alive and still crucial to the Czech spirit. Helping young people learn the Czech language is a noble cause.

Marie Sinkulova Dymackova Memorial Scholarship: The CLF has partnered with Cathleen M. Oslzly’s donation in memory of her maternal Czech grandmother, Marie Sinkulova Dymackova. Marie was born December 24, 1904 in the small village of Civice, okres Plzen. Her family immigrated to the United States in 1906 on the Kaiser Wilhelm II ship and entered through Ellis Island. They settled in a sod house north of Abie, Nebraska. Marie nurtured her Czech heritage and culture her entire life and instilled the love of her "Czechness" in her family. Today, Cathleen proudly carries on many of the traditions that were taught to her by her "Ceska Babicka." This scholarship is given in the spirit of continuing the Czech language and culture and sharing the heritage with others in the U.S. and abroad.

John and Vlasta Tomasek Memorial Scholarship. Jan (John) Tomasek came to America from Othradov, Czech Republic in 1907 along with his parents, two brothers – Joe and Jerry – and Uncle Frank. They came to Cedar Rapids, Iowa and then to Clarkson, Nebraska. In 1926 he married Vlasta Smejkal – I am one of their four children. Lest we forget our heritage and culture, use this scholarship to remind us who we are.

Donald A. Urbanovsky Memorial Scholarship. Joyce Urbanovsky’s donation is in memory of her husband, Donald A. Urbanovsky. Don was born in Bee, Nebraska and graduated from Dwight Assumption High School. He was a Lincoln businessman for 40 years. He was a member of the Lincoln Czech Club and attended and promoted Czech functions. Don was an inspiration to his family and friends.

Von and Lois Innes Scholarship.

Joseph S. and Evalena T. Swoboda Memorial Scholarship. The CLF has partnered with Joe and Mary Swoboda’s donation in memory of Joe’s father and mother. Joseph S. Swoboda (Sr.) Was born in Schuyler, Nebraska on January 6, 1906, to Czech parents, Joseph S. and Anna Buresh Svoboda, both of whom emigrated to the United States in the 1890's from Czechoslovakia. Grandfather Joseph, a tailor by trade, forbade his children to speak Czech at home, since the United States was his and his family’s "new" country. Nevertheless, Grandmother Anna prevailed in having the children learn Czech in classes taught both in and outside of the Schuyler Public Schools. Joseph (Sr.) learned to speak, read, and write Czech and in his later years helped many of the Schuyler area residents in writing and translating letters to and from "the Old Country." This scholarship is given in the spirit of promoting and continuing study in, and interest in, the Czech language and Czech culture.

Czech 201 - Second Year - Five Scholarships Awarded


Czechoslovak Society of Arts and Sciences (SVU) Nebraska Chapter is an independent, non-profit international cultural organization dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge, the free dissemination of ideas, and the fostering of contact among people. It brings together scholars, scientists, artists, writers, students, lawyers, businessmen and others, throughout the world who have, because of their ethnic background or professional calling, have an interest in the Czech Republic and/or Slovakia, their histories, peoples or other cultural and intellectual contributions. The SVU is very interested in encouraging young people, whether they are Czech and Slovak students who want to enhance their educational opportunities abroad, or North American students or those of other nationalities who wish to make Czech and/or Slovak culture the focus of their professional careers. The SVU Nebraska Chapter was the first organization to partner with the CLF on this Partnering Scholarship Program. One of our local chapter’s primary goals is to promote the Czech heritage and culture to our youth. This scholarship is a perfect vehicle for this very important goal.

Individuals and Memorials

Dr. & Mrs. Gordon Pejsar Family: To promote the continuation of the Czech Language and honor Dr. Pejsar’s father, John G. Pejsar.

Charles and Anna Stecha Memorial Scholarship. Anne Callahan honors her parents with the Charles and Anna Stecha Memorial Scholarship. It is given to a second year Czech language student at UN-L. "Charles came to America after serving in WWI in hope of a better life. He earned enough money in one year to send for Mother, my brother, Aunt Mary and me. Father insisted that we speak Czech at home and said ‘the number of languages one speaks, one is that much more of a person.’ Fulfilling the airline’s foreign language requirement enabled me to see the world as a PAA stewardess. The Czech Republic now has economic and political freedom and has become a partner in the global marketplace. Our knowledge of Czech language contributes to their success."

Zabokrtsky-Jenik Family Scholarship. The Zabokrtsky-Jenik Family Scholarship is offered to an individual and open to all students regardless of student year. The scholarship may be renewed for the next semester to the same student provided the student maintains a C+ grade or better the previous semester. The scholarship is provided by Gary Mitchel Zabokrtsky of Endicott, Nebraska. Seventh great-grandfather Vaclav Zabokrtsky, born about 1606 in Kostelecka Lhotka, and moved across the valley to the village of Slemeno in 1630. Slemeno is located between Rychnov n. Kneznou and Kostlec n. Orlici in northeast Bohemia. Great-great-grandfather, Ignatz Zabokrtsky, and family immigrated to Jackson County, Iowa in 1854. Third great-grandfather Josef Jenik was born about 1780 in the village of Tisova near Vysoke Myto in eastern Bohemia. His son Josef was born in 1803 and brought his family to Washington County, Kansas in 1870. The scholarship is given to promote continued interest in the Czech language and culture.

George Smitka Memorial Scholarship. Partnered by Terry Smitka.

Czech 301 and 398 - Third Year - Four Scholarships Awarded


Czechoslovak Genealogical Society International (CGSI) is an organization dedicated to creating an interest in Czech and Slovak ancestry and heritage. This non-profit organization of almost 4,000 members promotes genealogical research by publishing periodicals and books and by hosting genealogical conferences.

Nebraska Czechs of Lincoln was organized and officers elected on April 25, 1973. Founders were Jake Hamsa, the Chapter’s first President, and Vladimir Kucera from Brno, Moravia, who was teaching the Czech language at the University of Nebraska and in surrounding Czech communities. The Club was incorporated as a non-profit organization on April 24, 1977. It is one of eleven chapters that make up the Nebraska Czechs, Inc. As stated in the Articles of incorporation, the purposes of the organization are "to develop and encourage interest, research and inquiry into the culture, traditions and history of the Czechoslovakian people and of Czechoslovakian immigrants to America and their descendants… to attract public attention to the customs, culture and heritage of the Czechoslovakian people."

 Omaha Czech Cultural Club.

Individuals and Memorials

Antoine Skutchanova Memorial Scholarship. The CLF has partnered with R. Thomas Zumpfe’s donation in memory of his Czech grandmother, Antoine Skutchanova. Antoine sailed to the United States with four young children after the death of her husband in Czechoslovakia. Not knowing English, they entered Ellis Island in 1924 and traveled to Wilber, Nebraska to marry her husband’s brother, which was customary. Her hope and vision was a better life for her children in this new land full of promise. This scholarship is given in the spirit that the recipient strives, achieves and is rewarded by Antoine’s new home and all the possibilities it holds.