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Across the Spectrum: The Interdisciplinary Life and Letters of John G. Neihardt provides an extensive searchable digital archive of Neihardt's collected professional and personal letters along with previously uncollected essays and reviews.

American Indian Treaties Portal

The American Indian Treaties Portal provides texts of American Indian treaties that are not covered by Kappler, peer-reviewed articles on various treaties, and an original biography of Charles J. Kappler.

Army Officers' Wives

Army Officers' Wives narratives, photographs, commentary, and excerpts from diaries, letters and memoirs tell the significance of the experience of Army officers' wives on the Great Plains.

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Austen Said

Austen Said: Patterns of Diction in Jane Austen's Major Novels explores not only individual speech but patterns of speech among classes of characters in Austen's six completed major novels. The site features word frequencies, a search and novel visualizations to explore Austen's diction.

Casting Digital Nets

Casting Digital Nets explores the long, strange journey of Lake Andes — as it moved from a Yankton possession, to a state-supported bass bonanza, to a federal wildlife refuge — with particular attention to land tenure, economic pursuits, and fishery ecology, all unfolding under a backdrop of evolving legal doctrine and international treaties.


centerNet is an international network of digital humanities centers formed for cooperative and collaborative action to benefit digital humanities and allied fields in general, and centers as humanities cyberinfrastructure in particular.

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Civil War Washington

The Charles Chesnutt Digital Archive offers works by Chesnutt (fiction, essays, reviews, and poems) and hundreds of reviews of Chesnutt's works. The goal of The Charles Chesnutt Archive is to make works by and about Chesnutt readily and freely accessible to scholars, students, and general readers.

Civil War Washington

Civil War Washington examines the U.S. national capital from multiple perspectives as a case study of social, political, cultural and medical/scientific transitions provoked or accelerated by the Civil War.

Cuban Battlefields

Cuban Battlefields provides a rich record of the Spanish-Cuban-American War, created to support archeological investigation of the battlefields of 1898.

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Archaic Sanctuary at Mon Repos, Corfu

The Digital Archaic Heraion Project presents an early Greek temple excavated at Corfu, including more than 500 architectural fragments scanned in 3D from its elaborate terracotta roof, limestone walls, and material from subsidiary buildings in the sanctuary.

Digital History

Digital history is an emerging and rapidly changing academic field. The purpose of the Digital History site is to educate scholars and the public about the state of the discipline.

Elia Peattie: An Uncommon Writer, An Uncommon Woman

Elia Peattie: An Uncommon Writer, An Uncommon Woman is a digital archive based on the life and writings of Elia Peattie, an early Nebraska journalist, novelist, short story writer and playwright.

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Encylopedia of the Great Plains

Encyclopedia of the Great Plains contains 1,316 entries contributed by more than one thousand scholars. This groundbreaking reference work captures what is vital and interesting about the Great Plains—from its temperamental climate to its images and icons, its historical character, its folklore, and its politics.

Evisaging the West: Thomas Jefferson and the Roots of Lewis and Clark

Envisaging the West: Thomas Jefferson and the Roots of Lewis and Clark is an electronic archive that reveals the evolution of Jefferson's thoughts on the West while he and others planned the Lewis and Clark expedition of 1803-1806.

Every Week Magazine

Every Week Magazine, published from 1915-1918, was a significant magazine phenomenon of its day, with a weekly circulation of 600,000 copies. The contents provide a rich cultural resource for those interested in the World War I home front, popular fiction, advertising, and constructions of race and gender during this period.

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Family Letters

The Family Letters project preserves, digitizes, analyzes and makes public a collection of the correspondence and other personal documents of a Mexican American family that migrated from the state of Zacatecas, Mexico, to the states of Colorado and Nebraska during the first half of the twentieth century.

Fourteenth-Century Oxford Theology

Fourteenth-Century Oxford Theology seeks to expand the growing number of online texts to include volumes of John Wyclif's published works that either precede the Wyclif Society's efforts or were published after the Society ceased its efforts.

French 17

Online version of French 17, a bibliography of the MLA's Seventeenth Century French Literature Division. French 17 provides an annual survey of the work done each year in the general area of seventeenth-century French studies. This is a subscription site.

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Gilded Age Plains City

Gilded Age Plains City is a walk through the complex political, social, and cultural terrain of Lincoln, Nebraska. By exploring in detail the events of an early Plains city, the project hopes to provide an understanding of similar dynamics and development occurring in other cities across the region at the time.

The Good Person

The Good Person contains a representative collection of Yoruba proverbs compiled and translated by the late Oyekan Owomoyela at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln, and published by the University of Nebraska Press.

The Great Plains WW2

The Great Plains during World War II explores civilian and military life in the region from Germany's invasion of Poland in September 1939 to the surrender of Japan in August 1945. This project emphasizes life on the home front, agriculture, and military affairs.

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History Harvest

The History Harvest is an open, digital archive of historical artifacts gathered from communities across the United States. This project seeks to create a popular movement to democratize and open American history by utilizing digital technologies to share the experiences and artifacts of everyday people and local historical institutions.

Images of Power in the Time of Louis XIV

Images of Power in the Time of Louis XIV illustrates the manner in which Louis XIV made use of images to spread the idea of monarchical power in the Seventeenth Century. In the time of the Sun King, artistic expression was used to achieve political ends.

The Journals of Lewis and Clark Expedition

The Journals of the Lewis and Clark Expedition are based on editor Gary Moulton's award-winning work published by the University of Nebraska Center for Great Plains Studies and the University of Nebraska Press, this site broadens the Journals by including multi-media and scholarly works selected by a scholarly and Native American advisory board.

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The Latin Work of John Wyclif

The Latin Work of John Wyclif
John Wyclif (1324 -1384) has been variously described as "the morning star of the Reformation" and as a preacher of "lying insanities in the ears of many." In his time, he was both England's most eminent theologian and its first heresiarch.

Livingstone Online

Livingstone Online is a digital museum and library that allows users to encounter the written and visual legacy of the famous Victorian explorer David Livingstone. The site draws on recent scholarship and international collaboration to restore one of the British Empire's most iconic figures to the many global contexts in which he worked, traveled, and is remembered.

The Mountain Meadows Massacre in Public Discourse

The Mountain Meadows Massacre in Public Discourse contains newspaper accounts of the Mountain Meadows Massacre, government investigation reports, early histories in works of Western Americana, Apostate and Anti-Mormon publications.

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Nebraska Authors

Nebraska Authors provides information on authors who live or have lived in Nebraska. This collaborative project with The Jane Pope Geske Heritage Room at Lincoln City Libraries digitizes and makes available data collected over the last 50 years.

Nebraska Newspapers

An off-shoot of the National Digital Newspaper Program, Nebraska Newspapers expands upon work in Chronicling America by presenting other historically significant newspapers from Nebraska.

Nebraskaland Magazine Digital Archive

Nebraskaland Magazine Digital Archive allows you to browse the pages of Nebraska’s favorite hunting, fishing, and conservation magazine from the beginning. Explore over fifty years of content in this fully searchable digital archive, with additional issues added as they become available.

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O Say Can You See

O Say Can You See: Early Washington, D.C., Law & Family examines and visualizes the social world of the nation's capital by encoding and analyzing legal records from the the District and surrounding counties.

Ohio Hopewell: Ancient Crossroads of the American West

Ohio Hopewell: Ancient Crossroads of the American Midwest is dedicated to preserving archaeological collections of the Hopewell Culture of the Ohio River Valley. Collections are comprised of photographs, artifacts and archival documents of Hopewell Culture.

Omaha Tribe

Omaha Indian Heritage is important to the history of the Plains peoples because the Omaha are one of the few Plains tribes who continued an earthlodge/horticultural adaptation to the Plains even after horses were introduced.

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Omaha & Ponca Digital Dictionary

The Omaha & Ponca Digital Dictionary is an important step toward preserving the endangered languages of the Omaha and Ponca tribes.

Omaha Language Learning

The Omaha Language Learning website provides access to Omaha language materials, both old and new. It promotes the Omaha language, culture, and community.

Plains Humanities Alliance

The Plains Humanities Alliance is dedicated to preserving and promoting the cultural heritage of the Great Plains region. It is a division of the UNL Center for Great Plains Studies and one of nine NEH-designated centers in the Consortium of Regional Humanities Centers.

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Quills & Feathers

The Quills & Feathers project is a documentation of the literary relationship between Great Plains humans and birds, ranging from the writings of the famous explorer-visitors mentioned above to such contemporary Midwestern literary luminaries as U.S. Poet Laureate Ted Kooser.

Radical Scatters

Radical Scatters presents documents carrying over one hundred fragmentary texts composed by Dickinson in the final decades of her life.

Railroads and the Making of Modern American

Railroads and the Making of Modern America explores the dynamic social change that came between 1850 and 1900 with the growth of railroads.

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Salmon Pueblo

The Salmon Pueblo Archaeological Research Collection (SPARC) connects with and builds from the efforts of the Chaco Research Archive to enhance access to archaeological research on Chaco Canyon, New Mexico.

Scholarly Editing

Scholarly Editing is the home of the open-access, digital journal Scholarly Editing. Currently we are accepting submissions for short-form scholarly editions and essays about the theory and practice of scholarly editing.

Children of the Sun

The Tar Baby and the Tomahawk: Race and Ethnic Images in American Children's Literature, 1880-1939 looks at the intersection of race and childhood between 1880 and 1939 as viewed through children’s literature, its illustrations, and associated material objects.

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Writings of Thomas Wentworth Higginson

The Writings of Thomas Wentworth Higginson (1823-1911) come from the Carlton and Territa Lowenberg Collection at the UNL Libraries' Archives & Special Collections, with commentary.

Transmississippian Exhibition

The photographs, newspaper articles, documents, and souvenirs featured in the Transmississippi & International Exposition Digital Archive capture the ambitions, controversies, criticisms, cultural attitudes, and technologies of the 1890s.

The Walt Whitman Archive

The Walt Whitman Archive is an electronic research and teaching tool that sets out to make Whitman's vast work, for the first time, easily and conveniently accessible to scholars, students, and general readers.

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The Willa Cather Archive

The Willa Cather Archive is an ambitious endeavor to create a rich, useful, and widely accessible site for the study of Willa Cather's life and writings.

William F. Cody Archive

The William F. Cody Archive provides an invaluable record of the late nineteenth-century and early twentieth-century American national development.

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