School of Natural Resources Graduate Student Association

Mission Statement:

The purpose of the School of Natural Resources Graduate Student Association (SNRGSA) shall be to serve as a representative body for the graduate students in the School of Natural Resources, to promote a closer relationship within the graduate student community, to serve as a channel of communication between graduate students, faculty, and staff, and to foster professional development.

All current graduate students in the School of Natural Resources, including both natural resource students and geography students, are automatically members of SNR GSA. 

Monthly Meetings

Monthly meetings are annouced one week ahead of time. Keep your eyes open for an e-mail with date and time.

Minutes are posted in our "documents" tab under “information”.


Support SNRGSA by purchasing one of our t-shirts at the Maps-and-More Store!



Upcoming Social Events

August 2015 we will have our annual Welcome Back Barbecue. Keep an eye on your e-mail!

2015-2016 Elected Officers
Chair: Ashley Alred
Co-chair: Maggi Sliwinski
Secretary: Amanda Hefner
Treasurer: Hannah Birge

Appointed Officers
Outreach Coordinator: Qwynne Lackey
Fundraising Chairs: Katie McCollum and Lyndsie Wszola 
Social Chair: Ashley Alred
UNL GSA Representative: OPEN

Graduate Representatives on SNR Standing Committees
Safety Committee Rep: Bryce Johnson
Graduate Student Committee Rep: Shannon Moncure
Nominations Committee: Hannah Birge
Faculty Advisory Committee: Johnica Morrow