Group for Ultrafast and High-Field X-ray Science

Welcome to the Ultrafast and High-Field X-ray Science Group aka the Fuchs group 

We are carrying out research in the fields of compact ultrafast X-ray source development with the potential for a X-ray free-electron laser on the university-laboratory scale, ultrafast X-ray scattering and high-field, nonlinear X-ray matter interaction. You can find more details to our current research here.

We are working in close collaboration with UNL's Extreme Light Laboratory and its PetaWatt (PW) Diocles laser facility - one of the few PW laser systems world-wide.

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*********** Job Opening ***********

We are currently looking for graduate students and a postdoc. A job description can be found here.
If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact Prof. Fuchs at mfuchs (at) to find out more.

News from the group

Our manuscript on the observation of the first phase-matched second harmonic generation using the Japanese SACLA X-ray free-electron laser got accepted at Physical Review Letters!

Our paper is published in this month's issue of Nature Physics.
In this experiment we were able to demonstrate a novel technique that uses extremely short pulses of X-rays from an XFEL to directly observe the vibrations of atoms in a germanium crystal, which happen on a timescale of only a thousands of a billionth of a second. Since the atoms in a crystal are arranged into a lattice, they are only able to vibrate in specific modes, called phonons. With an ultrashort optical laser pulse, it is possible to excite coherent phonon modes. Wit our novel technique, we were able to directly observe these oscillations in real time.

The publication is also covered in this News & Views article of Peter Abbamonte 

Our paper on a novel technique to investigate the non-equilibrium phonon dispersion of solids using temporally-resolved X-ray diffuse scattering is published online on the Nature Physics advanced online publication page!

Also: the density of technical terms on this newspage is statistically significantly increasing...

We are happy to announce that Dr. Rafal Rakowski from Berkeley Lab has joined the group.
Welcome to Lincoln!

Although he looks somewhat serious in this picture, he is a very nice guy! We are looking forward to a fun and productive time!

Our paper demonstrating a novel technique to investigate ultrafast dynamics in solids has been accepted by Nature Physics. The title is "Fourier-transform inelastic x-ray scattering from time and momentum dependent phonon-phonon correlations".

Our article on the laser-driven undulator source was quite prominently mentioned (including a figure) in the review article entitled  "Developments in laser-driven plasma accelerators" by Simon Hooker published in Nature Photonics!

This is really smooth, despite the rather turbulent picture on the cover ... 

Our proposal for a follow-up experiment investigating nonlinear X-ray Compton scattering has been accepted at the Linac Coherent Lightsource (LCLS) X-ray free-electron laser (XFEL). We will have 5 x 12 hours in early December for our experiment.

Better start warming up those electrons for us!

Our paper on a proof-of-principle demonstrating for a next-generation lightsource has been cited more than 100 times according to google scholar. CrossRef and Scopus are still lacking behind, but they will get there ... : )
Thanks again to all co-authors for all their efforts!


Group leader

Matthias Fuchs

Assistant Professor
Department of Physics and Astronomy
University of Nebraska - Lincoln

Jorgensen Hall, 855 North 16th Street
Lincoln, NE 68588 
phone: 402-472-2784
fax: 402-472-6148

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