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Across the Spectrum: The Interdisciplinary Life and Letters of John G. Neihardt provides an extensive searchable digital archive of Neihardt's collected professional and personal letters along with previously uncollected essays and reviews.

Birds of Nebraska

The Birds of Nebraska is an archive of history for birdlife in the state, with access to a great variety of newspaper articles and other sources from 1854 to 1923.
The articles were collected by James E. Ducey, who generously donated the files to the University of Nebraska–Lincoln Libraries. They are being presented with the aid of the UNL Libraries.

Digging In

A prototype web site for archaeological and historical research on Nebraska's immigrant trails, Digging In features the site report from the 2005 UNL dig at the Beaver Creek Trail Crossing Site in Seward County, Nebraska.

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Elia Peattie: An Uncommon Writer, An Uncommon Woman

Elia Peattie: An Uncommon Writer, An Uncommon Woman is a digital archive based on the life and writings of Elia Peattie, an early Nebraska journalist, novelist, stort story writer and playwright.

Gilded Age Plains City

Gilded Age Plains City is a walk through the complex political, social, and cultural terrain of Lincoln, Nebraska. By exploring in detail the events of an early Plains city, the project hopes to provide an understanding of similar dynamics and development occurring in other cities across the region at the time.

Homestead Records

Homestead National Monument of America, located in Beatrice, Nebraska, and the University of Nebraska–Lincoln (UNL) contracted with the National Archives & Records Administration to microfilm the Broken Bow Land Office Homestead Records (1890-1908).

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Nebraska Newspapers

An off-shoot of the National Digital Newspaper Program, Nebraska Newspapers expands upon its work in Chronicling America by presenting other historically significant newspapers from Nebraska.

Nebraska Public Documents

Nebraska Public Documents presents searchable state government agency reports dating from 1891-1929. This project provides free public access to digitized historic annual reports of state agencies in Nebraska for the use of students, scholars, and the general public.

Omaha Tribe

Omaha Indian Heritage is important to the history of the Plains peoples because the Omaha are one of the few Plains tribes who continued an earthlodge/horticultural adaptation to the Plains even after horses were introduced.

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Omaha & Ponca Digital Dictionary

The Omaha & Ponca Digital Dictionary is an important step toward preserving the endangered languages of the Omaha and Ponca tribes.

Omaha Language Learning

The Omaha Language Learning website provides access to Omaha language materials, both old and new. It promotes the Omaha language, culture, and community.

Transmississippian Exhibition

The photographs, newspaper articles, documents, and souvenirs featured in the Transmississippi & International Exposition Digital Archive capture the ambitions, controversies, criticisms, cultural attitudes, and technologies of the 1890s.

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The Willa Cather Archive

The Willa Cather Archive is an ambitious endeavor to create a rich, useful, and widely-accessible site for the study of Willa Cather's life and writings.

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